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Manape dark red Thai Ridgeback pups
blue thai ridgeback dog
super red and velvet coat blue thai ridgeback dogs

silver blue velvet coat Thai Ridgeback
Manape red Thai Ridgeback Victoria British Columbia Canada
super red thai ridgeback pup

manape red thai ridgeback washington state USA
Thai Ridgeback breeder Weena Yantip with blue Puppies
Manape Thai Ridgeback breeder James El  Victoria BC Canada





Registered kennel/member in good standing with THE KENNEL CLUB OF THAILAND
the Thai National Member Club of the
Located in both
Dogs registered with the KCTH-FCI in Thailand & internationally,
and with the AKC-FSS and UKC in the US/North- America.
Experienced shipping worldwide, including locations with strict pre-import rabies quarantine regulations such as Hawaii, Japan, EU, Australia.
International, local, professional, and breeder references available.
Feel free to contact with your inquiries or just to chat about the dogs.

For the latest updates, photos and video visit :

*All dogs/pups in photos bred or owned by Manape Thai Ridgeback


Dogs and puppies are registered with *THE KENNEL CLUB OF THAILAND[KCTH],
( click * red highlights for links & information )
The dogs are selected with an emphasis on conformation, health, and temperament. My motivation is to breed exceptional dogs that I can take pride in - whether keeping them for my own showing and breeding endeavours or placing them with other dedicated Thai Ridgeback enthusiast.

For the latest updates, photos and video visit :

*All dogs/pups in photos bred or owned by Manape Thai Ridgeback




Please visit the facebook page for the most up-to-date pictures, video, and available dogs/pups

phone: USA (HAWAII) +1 808 454 7399 , THAILAND +66 91 105 3016




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